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I do offer custom orders. You can order one by reaching out to


The best way to proceed is email me with your idea. From there, we can work out your budget and timeline.

Below are most of the specs you will see me using.

Super Slim Shredder Neck (This one feels so good)

.77 Super soft V

Several neck profiles which I feel are fantastic.

Medium C - .84 at fret 1

Super Soft V - .88 at fret 1 

Full but not chunky '50s feel

Super Slim Soft V- .82 at fret 1

Slim and fast like a '64

All necks are 1.65" nut width , 10" or 12" radius , and are fretted w/ Jescar medium jumbos ( .095 x .047 ) - much like a 6105 that's been dressed a few times. An awesome fret that feels just right.

I do all of the standard Fender colors of the 50s and 60s . My finishes are all nitro lacquer and are very very thin finishes.

The neck of the guitar is where the magic happens. I spend a lot of time on the neck. The edges are heavily rolled all the way up , the fret edges are bevelled back to avoid fret sprout, the fret work is top of the line, and the back of the neck is finished with a french polish style application that feels fast and smooth. I’m very happy with the way they feel. I include a brand new signature logo on the headstock.


I start my creative process by visualizing of a guitar I would LOVE to own. 

I think of the sounds I want it to make then I curate the best pickups on the market, all hand wound by masters in their craft.

I'm thoughtful about the weight of the body and the wood. I pay extra for lightweight ash bodies.

Picking out the highest quality components is the easy part.

Choosing the paint color and pickguard are terribly difficult for me.

The neck is carved and rolled. Most of the time, re-fretted. The result is a one of a kind ultra comfortable custom neck. 

The body is painted with nitrocellulose lacquer. Expensive but better for tone.

After everything is put together, I file a hand cut nut, string the guitar and start a rigorous testing process.

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