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Choosing The Right Tusq Nut

The following post will tell you what Tusq nuts are a perfect fit for most all of your nut replacement needs.

Tusq nuts made by Graphtech ( are a great replacement nut. They are the industry standard and for good reason. Their nuts are consistently perfect, IMHO. All the popular sizes and string spacings are there for most every guitar you will service. Graphtech makes a wide range of interesting and no doubt high quality products. I'm currently researching their Resomax Archtop bridge for an archtop project.

Selling points:

· They sound as good or better than bone. You can tell the difference.

· Easy to install.

· Improved tuning stability.

· Inexpensive and easy to find.

· Customer recognition

The Graphtech website has an excellent guide to finding the right Tusq nuts. Measure first and save yourself some hassle later.

Here is the guide

There are approximately 52 different products in the line up. Yikes. How do you choose the right one without sifting through everything? Let me narrow it down for you.

I've found that there are 4 maybe 5 sized nuts that will work for most all your needs. They do come in right and left hand orientation as well as Black and White/ Grey.

Here they are with some alternatives listed. I do not, unfortunately, get paid to make any of these recommendations. Your welcome Amazon, Stewmac and Graphtech. 😁

1. Graphtech Tusq White PQL 6000-00 (Gibson Nut) * Recommended

44.07mm Length 4.98mm Width 8.36mm Height 35.52mm String Spacing

PQL 6010-00 (Alternate Gibson Nut, slightly taller than the 6000)

43.64mm Length 4.90mm Width 9.41mm Height 35.47mm String Spacing




2. Graphtech Tusq White PQ 5000 (Fender Style Nut) *Recommended because it will work for both curved and straight Fender style nut slots.

42.85mm Length 3.25mm Width 5.03mm Height 34.62mm String Spacing

Graphtech Tusq White PQ 5043 (Fender style flat bottom style nut. Not recommended for curved nut slots.)




3. Graph Tech White TUSQ PQ 6060 (XL 1/4" Epiphone Slotted Nut)

Works not only with Epiphone guitars but also with most brands of acoustics.

43.94mm Length 6.08mm Width 9.08 Height 34.14 String Spacing


Graphtech Website


4. Graphtech BLACK TUSQ PT-6643-00 XL ELECTRIC NUT

PRS SE / Ibanez/ Gretsch

Works with a wide variety of imported guitars.

42.95mm length 5.98mm width 7.95mm Height 35.22mm String Spacing

Graphtech Website



String spacing is important, you have to get it right.

Tusq nuts run a little big so that you can customize the final fit. They all take a little sanding and fitting. I use 320 grit.

Spend a minute measuring the nut first to make sure you purchase correctly.

Take extra time to fit the nut perfectly with a string height of .5 mm at the 1st fret.

Lower is better but watch out for string buzz. Be careful not to go too far or the nut could be ruined.

Want to avoid all of this thinking and have someone else do the work?

Kind regards,

Eric Petrus

Owner, NoVA Guitar Setups


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