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Fret Polishing and Fretboard Oil on your Bass

To-do list for this lesson:

Watch The Lesson Video

Internalize The Golden Rule: Do No Harm!

Always make sure that the instrument stays safe. Double-check your work area, remove anything that can harm the finish of the guitar.

Follow along with your own guitar.

In Fret Polishing and fretboard oil we will be:

  • Polishing the frets

  • Cleaning and oiling the fretboard

Tools Needed:

  1. Zona Wet/Dry Polishing Papers

  2. Fretboard Protector

  3. Low tac tape, the type used by painters.

  4. F-one fretboard oil

Benefits Of Fret Polishing:

  • The clean slippery frets are immediately noticeable

  • The expense is very small (usually around .25 cents per polish.)

  • Fret polishing is very fast and easy and can be done in 2-5 minutes.

Your Tasks:

  • Make sure the guitar is safe and out of harms way.

  • Remove the strings or move them out of the way and secure with tape.

  • Cut small pieces of polishing papers

  • Polish frets using the fretboard guard

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