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Stringjoy Strings Unmasked

“Strings are way, way more important than people think. When you play the guitar, you’re really playing the strings. You manipulate the length or tension of each string to create a given pitch. That pitch resonates through the wood of the guitar or engages the electromagnetic field of your pickups to create the sound you know and love.” Stringjoy website.

Do you think about your strings?

When I first started playing, I didn't. I chose based on recommendations from the guitar store. Then, I decided to simplify things. I picked 1 size and 1 brand and stuck with it for 20+ years. I never thought about it again. It wasn't a bad strategy. Honestly, there wasn't much innovation going on. For years, strings were strings.

Then, smart people started messing with strings and they got better. They made improvements with coatings, cores, and overall quality. Now, there was something good happening to be aware of.

NoVA Guitar Setups recently became a distributor with Stringjoy strings out of Nashville TN. I ran into their strings and heard the difference. To me, the strings sounded like a more pure expression of the tone. Notes were rounder, lovelier, sharper. My ears liked it. i decided to offer them to customers.

Since then, Stringjoy has become my house electric guitar string and I carry 9's and 10's. In the near future, I'll be exclusively carrying their acoustic strings as well.

They are becoming more well known but people ask all the time about the strings and the company. I decided to let the company speak for themselves. I spent some time combing through their site and came up with some nuggets.

I got this information from the Stringjoy website. If you would like to check it out yourself, follow the link below.

Do you make your own strings?

"We know there is a lot of mystery out there about who actually makes guitar strings. Let us clear up any ambiguity: We make all of our own strings, in our own shop, right here in Nashville, TN—on custom made winding equipment."

Why are your prices higher than some brands?

"Short answer: Our string prices are based primarily on the amount of labor that goes into them. There are a lot more man-hours in each set of Stringjoy strings than with the larger brands, and man hours are expensive, particularly when you have a staff of string experts that is paid a fair living wage, as we do.
Longer answer: These days many string brands have moved to a two-pronged model where they sell a “budget” line of strings (such as Slinkies or XLs) and a “premium” line of strings (such as NYXLs or Paradigms). We don’t believe in putting out a product that we cut corners on just to compete at the bottom-end of the market, so all of our strings are the best strings that we can make, and we back all of them up with the same ironclad guarantee.
While our strings may be pricier than some budget lines, Stringjoys are priced similarly to, or lower than, other premium string lines, even though we believe our strings are head and shoulders above the rest."

What makes you different from other manufacturers? What is your philosophy?

“When we built out our manufacturing arm here in Nashville, we optimized our process for string performance, not manufacturing speed or labor efficiency. Making a Stringjoy string takes time. It’s hard work. But our job isn’t to make the cheapest strings — our job is to make the best strings. And if we do that job right, our strings will sound fuller, perform better, and last longer than anything else out there.”

Hear from the owner about why he started Stringjoy.

I've been very pleased with Stringjoy. I use them for both of my electric guitars. I beleive they are a superior product. I can't wait to get some acoustic strings. I specifically like that they are located in the US and pay workers a living wage. American craftsmanship is alive and kicking and I want to support it.

Need a set of Stringjoy electric strings? Come by the shop and I'll hook you up.

Kind regards,

Eric Petrus

Owner, NoVA Guitar Setups

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